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A One-Stop-Shop for a Complete Smile Transformation

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If you’ve always been interested in cosmetic dentistry but haven’t signed on the dotted line because you don’t want to undergo months of back-to-back treatments, our team at W Dental may have a solution for you: veneers. With this smile-enhancing service, we can fix everything from minor chips to permanent discoloration – all in three visits or less too! If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jake Weissich to see if you’re a candidate, don’t hesitate to get in touch .

Why Choose W Dental for Veneers?

  • Highly Trained and Experienced Dentist
  • Advanced Virtual Smile Design Technology
  • Additional Financing Available

What Are Dental Veneers?

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Often crafted from ceramic or porcelain, veneers are thin sheaths that are custom-made to fit perfectly to the front-facing surface of your teeth. Once they are securely in place, they can conceal a wide range of imperfections at once, including noticeable stains, chips, and gaps. One of the biggest perks of this popular cosmetic dental treatment is that it can be used to fix a single tooth or to completely transform your smile!

The Process of Getting Veneers

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The very first step is your consultation with Dr. Weissich . After he confirms you’re a candidate and creates your custom treatment plan, he will “prep” your teeth. This requires a small amount of enamel to be removed so that the veneers don’t protrude in an unnatural way. Once this step is complete, he will take meticulous impressions of your teeth for the lab artisans who will be creating your veneers. Since that process typically takes a few weeks, he will provide you with a temporary set in the meantime.

When your veneers arrive at our office from the dental lab, we will inspect them carefully to ensure they are the right shade, size, and shape. If they are, we will schedule your final appointment, which is when we will secure them in place and tell you everything you need to know about caring for your new smile!

The Benefits of Veneers

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We’ve already touched on a few of the benefits, like the fact that they can conceal multiple imperfections at once, they are incredibly versatile, and the entire treatment process can be completed in as little as two appointments. However, those aren’t the only reasons patients love veneers! They continue to be a popular cosmetic dental treatment because they also are stain-resistant, can last for well over a decade, and are easy to maintain!

If you’re unhappy with your smile, even if it’s because of a more minor dental flaw, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our Fresno dental team. We’d love to learn more about your concerns as well as your aesthetic goals to see how we can make your dream smile a reality!